Working from home has become the company culture norm, encouraging focus and work-life balance for workers. Even though working from home seems easier to work, you are still at risk of work burnout. The constant Zoom meetings, forgetting to eat, or working in bed is a recipe for disaster. Burnout is a terrible personal habit from person to person, no matter where you’re working. Let’s review some ways to help avoid burnout at home.

Utilize Task Sprinting

A sprint is a short, time-boxed period when you work to complete a set amount of tasks. Embrace your natural break from the computer screen and sprint your focus. Pay attention to how long you’re focused; do this by timing yourself. Set the timer as soon as you start working, and once when you feel like you want to break out of focus, stop the timer and time your break. For example, your focus time can be 15 minutes, and naturally, you break out of focus. Then you’re ready to dive back into focus after 2 minutes of break time. This practice will help you pace yourself and prevent early burnout.

Workout in the Middle of Your Work Shift

Sitting at your desk for long periods can be tiring and unhealthy over time. During the work day, let everyone know you’ve stepped away from your desk to work out for 15 minutes. The training can consist of riding a bike, yoga, or good old fashion jumping jacks. Do workouts that are moderate but fulfilling for your body. The goal is to get the blood flowing and encourage good endorphins. Working out will give you that second energy boost to finish your work day strong, avoiding burnout throughout the week.

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Take Advantage of Your Personal Days

You are not the only person that feels guilty about taking off from work. If your company offers personal days, take one. Listen to your body and be honest with your manager. Acknowledge that you’re burning out and you need rest. Taking a break other than the weekend will help you boost your energy and be ready to jump back into the weeds. If you don’t take a day or two of rest, your body will shut down on its own. Overworking could interfere with your focus and how you look at meetings; obviously, it’s not good to look tired on Zoom. Contact your manager and let them know you want to take a personal day and feel like you’re burning out. A good manager will understand and empathize. Keep these tips as a reminder that your well-being is essential. We are humans and not automated robots. If you feel overworked, please pass tasks along to your teammates; that’s what they’re there for, to support. Stay healthy while working from home, and you matter.

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