Little fixes and improvements around the house can add up over time if you are constantly outsourcing these to outside help.  There are so many resources and places to get help for free which will leave more money in your bank account and fix your problems on your own schedule.  Here are just a few ways to become your own handyperson that is always available, whenever you need it.

Become a Master of the How-to

These days looking online is the best place to start. There are so many resources and videos to help you fix just about anything.  If you do a little research, you can find a how-to guide and probably a video demonstrating quick fixes.  You can teach yourself anything you need to do – it’s at least worth giving a try before shelling out the big bucks to a professional.  If a part is broken on a washing machine or dishwasher, you’ll be able to find the part cheaper online or at a store rather than using your handyperson to supply it.  You might surprise yourself with how much you can do yourself with a little help.

Homeowners Sticking Together

Always check around with friends and family to see if anyone can help you with your particular problem.  While they may not be a professional, they’ve probably dealt with something similar and will be able to help you without the big price tag.  A lot of communities these days have a Facebook group, check in with your neighbors and you might find your answer or solution right there.  Everyone loves helping out and sharing their knowledge, so look no further than your own backyard.

Upgrading Your Home

There are lots of upgrades you can do to your home without hiring an outsider.  Changing hardware on your cabinets or doors will make a huge difference without any extra help or steep cost.  A quick coat of paint will also create a wow-factor without spending big bucks.  You can change out your standard faucets and mirrors for something a little more glam with just a few tools.  The possibilities are endless with a few little touches here and there.

Master Painter

If you can teach yourself to paint, you are about to save so much money.  Hiring painters is a huge expense you don’t need to incur.  Especially if it’s changing a color to a room or adding an accent wall.  Keep touch up paint on hand that matches your walls and surfaces and make sure to label it.  Keep a file with your colors and names so you always can reorder if you need to.  Make sure to note the finishes of the paint as well– it makes a big difference in appearance and color. 

Taking care of business in your own home doesn’t need to be a big headache or a big cost.  By trying to do a few little handy fixes yourself here and there, you’ll learn a new skill or two and save money in the process.  Happy handywork!

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