Shaving a couple of bucks off your wedding sounds like a dream come true! You can have the wedding of your dreams with a few homemade items that can become meaningful keepsakes later on. Doing a couple of D.I.Y projects within a wedding is not unheard of. In fact, many people have thought about getting into the idea of cutting costs. However, when trying to accomplish an idea like this it has to be something you have planned in the early stages. They say the best things in life are free. Now, these hacks may not be free but they sure don’t break the budget.


You’re probably thinking, how do I cut costs on seating? Here are a couple of unique seating ideas that can elevate and give your wedding a personal touch. First off, many weddings have these expensive custom seating cards that just get thrown away at the end of the night. A simple change to writing those cards yourself would do the trick. An alternative to that would be to write or draw out your seating chart in a large form on a chalkboard. This idea makes it slightly easier to find your seat than the traditional idea because guests don’t have to walk around to find their seat. Last but certainly not least, chair covers do cost a bit when looking over the budget. A neat idea here would be to get the plain chair covers from Amazon or Walmart for a good price and make them more whimsical by adding a tulle bow to the back of the chair. This idea is simple, cute, and elegant while not costing too much.


Creating your own bouquet might be easier and more cost effective than you think. Whether you are a fan of real flowers or opt out for the fragrant buds, it can make a difference but it simply wouldn’t compare in price to a bouquet made to order. Depending on where you get your bouquet, the price can be anywhere from $100 to almost $500! This day is your once in a lifetime fairytale, but save the extra money for a rainy day. Instead of working with a florist, Amazon has listings for wedding bouquets for $25 – $50, which is an extremely good save. This can also help you get bouquets for the bridesmaids as well with a significant price drop compared to a florist. Now, on to the beautiful flower girl! If you have time on the day of your wedding many florists throw away flowers that are not at peak freshness in the morning. You can simply ask for those and keep them in a refrigerator until they are ready to take their place on the aisle. On the other hand, the rose petals thrown don’t have to be real flowers. You can get a bag of faux flower petals at the dollar store!


This hack may be the most cost effective because it pertains to where you will actually host your event. Wedding venues can be extremely pricey which varies based on theme and budget. When looking for a destination, think of it like just that … a destination. You don’t have to look up “wedding venues near me” or “where to book my wedding” because it simply doesn’t have to be a wedding venue. Having your wedding at a nice vacation home could do the trick. The price for one to two nights at the rental home will be significantly less than the price to book a grand wedding hall. It can also give you and your wedding party a place to stay to cut the commute on the big day.

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