It’s easy to think of lottery winners as extremely lucky, mythical creatures. Although we know these are real, average people, we often wonder what they are really like. It turns out many winners all share similar personality traits. The following characteristics may not help you win the lottery, but adapting and perfecting them will definitely help improve your daily life.


You have to be a pretty optimistic person to believe you will win the lottery. The odds are stacked against every single participant, yet players continue to hold out hope. This type optimism is an incredible asset for game play as well as life in general. An article posted on states, “Lottery winners are considered optimistic people, who view winnings as a natural part of their lives. Not only do they see the good side of life, they also focus on the good side of people.” (You can find the article here.) Optimistic people are happier people! You will always be a winner if you have the right outlook. 

Embracers of Change

Lottery winners tend to be highly adaptable people who embrace of change. It makes complete sense given the fact that they are actively participating in something that would drastically change their lives. These are people who dream big and are constantly working to better their lives any way they can. It’s important to roll with the punches. Life tends to be a lot less stressful when you learn to welcome change. It’s a difficult characteristic to develop but definitely a worthwhile one.


Don’t assume lottery participants are the type of people who lazily sit around hoping to win. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Winners, in terms of the lottery and life, are actually extremely hardworking. These are people who don’t turn away from a challenge. Even one as seemingly impossible as winning the lottery.


Lottery winners also have a history of being extremely persistent. The ability to play the lottery continuously and not get discouraged after each loss is an incredible accomplishment. According to an article posted on, “Lottery players are totally okay with commitment. That may mean regularly participating in a monthly game, choosing numbers and sticking to them or organizing drawing pools with friends, family members or coworkers.” (You can find the article here.) The persistence shown by active lottery players is immense! They aren’t concerned about things they have no control over. They simply stick to their game plan and continue after their goals. This is a quality that the majority of successful people possess and one that will benefit those who work to develop it.

There aren’t any special secrets for helping you win the lottery. The best you can do is work on your outlook throughout the process. Smart players know that the traits listed above are all extremely valuable. While these personality traits won’t help you win a large sum of money, they can help you become a better version of yourself.

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