Couponing can be a great way to save money. Getting free or discounted items for cutting out a piece of paper is a great deal. Like all great deals, there is often a downside. There are some things you should try and avoid to maximize your savings and make the best out of your couponing journey. Not all the mistakes have to do with money. Couponing can affect every aspect of your life. Watch out for the following common mistakes.

Buying Because It’s Cheap

Stop yourself from buying items just because you found a coupon for them. It can be tempting! It’s so cheap, so why not just buy it. Making this mistake begins to add up. Buying things, you don’t need is taking away from your budget. Those items are also taking away from the money that you could be saving. Only cut out the coupons of things that you would buy whether they were on sale or not. Don’t buy it only because it’s cheap. Keep to this rule, and you won’t waste any money while couponing.


Stockpile Carefully

Couponing often leads to stockpiling. With all the great deals out there, we always want to get the most out of it. It can lead us to get as many as we can. Depending on the type of product, this could be a bad idea. Items with an expiration date could end up being useless. Especially if you overstock and are not able to use them quick enough. Other things can take up too much space. A stockpile that starts to take over your house is a mistake you want to avoid. You want your couponing to make your life better, not have it take over your life and home.  


Couponing can be an exciting hobby. When you’re finding the deals, and saving money, you will want to keep searching. Organizing and planning the shopping list. Going to different stores to get the best prices. It all becomes very time-consuming. Add up the amount of money that you are saving by using all of your coupons. Then keep track of how many hours you spend clipping, planning, and shopping. Did you make enough to justify the hours you spent? The chances are that you made significantly less than minimum wage. Don’t let your couponing take over your life, with nothing significant to show for it. 

Unhealthy Food

Have you ever noticed that the organic section rarely goes on sale? The frozen section always has deals going on. Making unhealthy choices because they are the items you can find coupons for may come back to haunt you. The eating habits that you start with your family will follow them into adulthood. Choose what is best for yourself and your family. Never buying junk food is not an option either. Have a healthy balance!

Watch all the areas of your life that are affected by your couponing. Don’t let your couponing dream take over. Find a balance in your life that makes you happy.

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