A ‘side hustle’ is anything you do in addition to your full time, 9-5 job. It can take the form of a genius business idea, profitable hobby, or fun passion project. Either way, earning a little extra cash is a great way to fill your extra time and pad your bank account. Here are some things to consider before you venture out into the world of side hustles.

Do your Research

There is so much to research before you get started. You need to figure out what you can offer your community to make it better. This doesn’t have to mean your physical community. Nowadays, that could mean your online friends as well. Social media is a powerful platform and if you have any kind of following, consider the needs of those people as well.

Finding your Passion

What makes you happy? What will bring you joy as you earn extra cash? Start by making a list of your interests. Start by making it really general. As you add things, brainstorm ways you could potentially make money from that particular interest. For example, if you are interested in weightlifting, you could create a weight lifting guide for beginners. Adding value to the lives of others is another important factor to take into account. Think of ways you can make things easier and better for people.

Time Management

It’s incredibly important to focus on time management when developing a side hustle. Often these new and exciting ideas can feel all consuming. Especially when it’s something you’re passionate about, it can be hard to focus on anything else. Avoid this at all costs. Don’t start slacking off at your 9-5 job that currently pays your bills. Show your boss respect by keeping your two work arenas separate as well.

Did You Win?
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