Who doesn’t love a little fun money?  In an age where financial budgets and future planning reign supreme, it’s time to pump a little excitement back into earning money and treat yourself in the process.  These are some great ways to make a little extra spending money with things you already own.

Turn a hobby into a side business

Everyone has something they are good at.  From making custom jewelry, concocting relaxing bath bombs, designing invitations, and more, taking that talent and turning it into income doesn’t even feel like work.  Open an Etsy shop in just a few steps or create your own website and start showing the world your specialty.

One person’s trash, another’s treasure

We all have things sitting around, fading into the background to the point we forget we even own them.  Selling old Blu-rays, collectibles, and video games that have been gathering dust is a quick way to clean, declutter and make money all in one.  You’d be amazed how ordinary stuff to you and me is a prized coveted treasure to someone else.  Try selling on eBay and other online marketplaces.  Small profits add up over a period of time!

Let consignment shops do the heavy lifting

Decluttering is all the rage right now and an easy place to start is your closet.  Tastes change – it’s okay to wear something for a while and then move on.  We tend to hold onto things hoping we will use them in the future, but why not take those hopes and turn them into tangible cash now?  Consignment shops are great places to take clothing that might have a second life and let someone else sell your items for you.  The same goes for furniture and bigger items.  You just drop it off and sit back waiting for the money to roll in.

Have an adult piggy bank

Remember the excitement of dumping change out of your piggy bank as a kid and counting your gold mine?  All the change in your purse or coat, the pennies in your couch cushions, and left over change from your coffee order add up.  Round it all up and take it to your bank or utilize change counting machines like Coinstar.  These machines will count your coins and turn them into gift cards for places such as Amazon without taking any service fees – Amazon money is just as good as cash these days.  If you use your credit cards more than physical currency, there are some great websites like Acorns.com to help you start your online piggy bank.  Earning extra spending money should be something fun, challenging and benefit many aspects of your life.  Take away the burden of always budgeting, planning, and thinking about the big picture and treat yourself to one little pleasure at a

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