Who doesn’t like the idea of saving money and while improving your home and implementing smart life hacks? You’ve come to the right place! In this article, we will suggest some of our favorite projects/hacks that will help you cut costs.


Homemade Coffee

We all need our fix in the morning and if it comes in a 12 oz cup and smells like heavenly coffee beans, then you probably are fixed on a cup of coffee. One of the easiest money saving DIY hacks we offer to you is homemade coffee. Even if you buy a nicer bag at the grocery store it will still be cheaper than your $5 latte.


Reusable Napkins

If you are using single use napkins, then you are literally throwing away your money. Try switching to cloth napkins. Not only are you saving your money, but you are helping make the earth a better place. For an easy tutorial, check out this homemade cloth napkin tutorial.

Homemade Yogurt

Homemade Yogurt

Are you a yogurt connoisseur? Instead of spending $1-$3 per individual container make & customize your own yogurt. To make your own yogurt is actually pretty simple and you don’t even need special equipment. We found this great “how to” tutorial  on Taste of Home, check out their tutorial.

Cleaning Products

Everyone spends money on cleaning supplies so why not save some money? You probably already have some of the ingredients you need to create your own DIY cleaners. We found this great article from Good House Keeping on nine homemade cleaners, find out if any of these cleaning recipes strike your fancy.

Homemade Cleaning

Insulation Improvements

This probably doesn’t sound like the easiest DIY project but it is one that has a huge payoff in the end. You could hire someone and still reap the benefits however if you do it yourself you will save money up front and in the long run. No matter how it gets done if you replace or upgrade your insulation, you can help save a nice chunk of energy savings.


Along with these five DIY ideas we have a few other DIY-ish ideas for you to consider implementing. Start by maximizing the ink in your printer, if your printer is only out of black ink then switch your ink color to dark blue. The next one is pretty simple, purchase your prescriptions/medications at your membership warehouse. You would be surprised at how much money this can save you. You might be concerned with not having a membership and/or the membership cost. Nonetheless, something that most people might not know is that warehouse stores aren’t allowed (legally) to make a membership required for customers to use the pharmacy, they are regulated by the federal government.


Give some of these projects and tips a try to save some extra cash!


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