As an employer, many uncomfortable conversations will have to be had with your employees. One that you should never tiptoe around is the performance issues of your employees. Employers have to worry about how well their division is working. They need to keep the overall performance up to ensure they are not losing money. Employees also need feedback, and most wish to do their best work. Here are some typical performance issues to look for and correct immediately.

Lost Time

Time is money. If those that work for you are not where they need to be when they need to be, that is an issue. This could be showing up late or leaving before the workday is over. Are they always chatting to coworkers? Gossiping is another way time can be lost while working. These issues need to be addressed quickly. Especially when the behavior is causing others not to be productive. If an employee is quickly spoken to, it will be less awkward. Letting it go for a while to see what happens is the worst option. It is better to stop behaviors quickly before a habit is formed.

Task Completion

When one person does not do their part, it is felt by the entire team. Not only are they not finishing, but it could also cause others not to do their best work. Be very clear with your new hires on what is expected and the time things are expected to be done. If they are not able to keep up, it could be that they need a different position. Another good idea is to follow up close to due dates initially so that there is no confusion. If you allow employees not to finish tasks on time, they will continue to do it.

Lack of Listening

When there is a lack of listening on either side, this will lead to performance problems. One factor could be that you are not being clear enough in your instructions and given expectations. To improve this, instead of only verbally explaining, send it in an email as well. Another reason that can cause difficulty listening is they do not feel heard. Take the time to listen to the ideas of your employees. Improve those working relationships by taking their advice as well. When you refuse to listen, it does not set a good example for those you work with.


Hostile behavior can infect an entire office and impact everyone’s work performance. Behaviors like gossiping, bullying, clashing ideas, or office politics, can cause unneeded stress. None of these should be ignored. As the leader, you need to take the correct steps to resolve the problem. Implement conflict resolution processes to help employees solve it themselves. If it seems to continue, you will need to step in and enforce disciplinary actions when required. The important thing is that all employees feel they are in a safe environment.

Put an end to all performance problems as quickly as possible.

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