In the news, we continue to hear that our country’s economy is booming. For the average person, though, finances continue to be a stressful subject, its management an ongoing process. If you are struggling to make ends meet or want to set aside money for some kind of purchase, here are some simple and easy ways to save money.


Get Rid of Credit Cards

Credit cards can help to build you credit, but the downside of having a credit card may not be worth it. Without proper management, you may pay interest on your purchases that essentially increases the price of whatever you paid for originally! Reduce the amount of credit cards you have or find ways to reduce the interest rates.


Buy Clothes and Shoes in Inexpensive Stores

Thrift shopping has always been in! You may be surprised by what ‘treasures’ people give up. Often, items are donated without much use, all it takes it time to shuffle through the clothes. Thrift stores are typically organized and are worth a scout on your next shopping adventure. Many thrift stores will give you credit in exchange for items you donate on the same trip!


Create a Shopping List

The temptation of browsing and buying unneeded items from a store is universal. You can reduce this temptation by creating a shopping list for your necessary purchases before hitting the market. You can also keep an ongoing shopping list on your phone that you can add to as you think of items throughout the week.


Review Your Bank Accounts and Cards

When was the last time you looked at your bank statements? You may be avoiding this check-in because you do not want to see your balance, but it wise to make it a habit to check in regularly. You may find services that you pay for, but do not use them at all.


Use Sites to Compare Prices

Use different websites to compare prices to make sure that you do not overpay for any goods or services. Life Hacker has a great article on five great tools you can use to track the prices of products at various stores and online shopping platforms.


Use Coupons

Look for coupons and discounts online or newspapers and magazines. Honey and Retail Me Not are just a couple of the many online websites you can use to find coupons. Honey is very user friendly and automatically alerts you of any coupons available while you search. Retail Me Not is a coupon book online!


Purchase Products Online

Many products, even with delivery to your city or apartment, are much cheaper than if you bought them in your city. In addition, through the Internet, you can pay for utilities and other services without interest.


Ask for Discounts When Shopping

If you spend a decent amount on any product, then try to negotiate a discount. Although negotiation may feel awkward, the practice becomes much easier the more you do!


Eat at Home

Reduce the amount of times you eat out at a restaurant each month. Instead, make meals at home and save money by eating leftovers. Pack leftovers in containers that you can quickly grab for lunch during the work day.


Decide on a Budget and Stick to It

You will be amazed at how little money you need to live if you give up unnecessary things and services. It is important to make a budget according to your income and expenses in order to avoid getting loans and debts.


As simple as some of these tips are, they can really add up to save you more money than you think. Let us know of any tips or tricks you have that others can use to save as well!

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