When it comes to home improvements, easily one of the best skills to have is painting.  You can transform any space with one can of paint if you know what to do and achieve professional results.  You’ll never have to hire a painter ever again if you can take on these projects by yourself.  Save tons of money and create beautiful spaces in your home.

The Right Tools

If you are going to take on painting yourself, you need to have the proper tools to ensure you are set up for success from the beginning.  Invest in drop cloths, paint trays, good paint rollers, brushes and painter’s tape.  There are also really inventive tools to assist with edging and getting those tricky corners.  It might be a little money upfront to spend, but these are tools you’ll be able to reuse with every painting project you take on.  Investing now will save way more money down the line.  With the right tools, you will always have the best foot forward.

Get a Partner in Crime

Whether your significant other or a good friend, painting always goes faster with two sets of hands.  This person will also be your emotional support when you start to doubt yourself or make a mistake.  Decide on roles for each other.  One of you can focus on edging and doing the corners and detail work while the other rollers the middle spaces and areas.  Work as a team and you’ll be finished with your space in no time.

Protect Your Surroundings

When investing in drop cloths, also think about plastic sheeting for your furniture.  It would be a smart idea to either move the furniture out of the room or bring it all to the center of the room and cover with plastic.  You want to protect your furniture and floors, take proper care and time to prep your space before even opening a can of paint.  Prep work can take a long time, so always budget your time wisely so you don’t burn out before getting to the fun part.

Paint Cans

Mistakes Will Happen, It’s Okay

Even the most professional painters have made mistakes.  The great thing is it’s just paint.  You can paint over paint, easy peasy.  Don’t get hung up or defeated if your first edge doesn’t come out perfectly straight.  You can always go back and fix anything.  It’s most important to work slowly and with purpose while protecting your floors, carpet, and furniture.  Anything on the walls or ceiling can be fixed later.

Watch a Few Videos

Look online for a couple painting tips and tricks to pick up a few skills before you pick up a brush.  Painting can be very easy and relaxing if you take your time and take a page from the pros.  Educating yourself and practicing will make it easier and easier every time.

Painting your spaces yourself will save you lots of money in the long run.  It only takes a little planning and prep work.  Have the confidence to take on a home improvement painting project and wow yourself with the results.

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