Notebook with Budget

No one can deny shopping is a fun experience.  The thrill of the purchase and the elation of the product in your hands cannot be beat.  The only problem is nowadays we are seeing more and more shopping opportunities flashed in our faces on a daily basis which makes it harder to resist and we become victims of impulse buying on the regular.  It used to be you’d have to travel to the mall to shop, but now you could be scrolling through pictures of your friends’ vacation when the cutest pair of shoes pops up in your feed.  Here are a few ways to stop impulse buying so your bank account stays secure. 

Time Limits

A good way to stop immediately buying something you see is to set a time limit.  If you see something you ‘need’ to have, set a reminder on your phone to revisit it later.  Whether you set a time for a couple hours or a couple days, stick to your plan.  You might find you’ve lost interest or don’t need that item as badly as you once thought.  When you see something pop up on your phone, these companies are banking on you immediately clicking and purchasing without much thought.  Try to be a little more mindful by delaying the purchasing process.

Make a Wish List

When you see something in your feed that you want, put it on a wish list.  You can write it down and then once a week go through and decide what stays and what goes.  You can keep this wish list going until you decide you want to reward yourself with something off of it.  Make sure you are constantly purging items that no longer interest you so you can keep it short and neat.  Then you’ll know what your heart really desires.

Arm Yourself with Knowledge

If you know going into it that companies are going to be selling something to you no matter where you go or where you look, it keeps your head clear to resist such urges.  Companies pay lots of money to people who make their products look appealing and try to “sell” you an idea of a perfect life with their items.  Be aware it is all a sell-job and you’ll have an easier time seeing through the illusion.  Take a step back and really think if you like the way the product is being sold to you (the colors, the font, etc.) or if you actually need the physical product.

Shop the Sales


If you see a product you like, chances are there is probably something very similar in their sale section.  Browse through their website before making an immediate purchase, you might lose interest all together or find a great deal in the sale.  If you commit to shopping the sales, you’ll save money and still have the thrill of the hunt. Impulse buying is difficult for a lot of people.  It’s no wonder when companies are constantly selling us at all hours of the day and night.  Try some of these tricks to keep your money right where you want it.

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