There is a job for every personality. Each trait we possess makes us better at specific tasks than others. While it is true that we need different characteristics, there are some skills that employers are always looking for. Parts of our personality we are born with others are things we have learned. Those looking for ways to improve or up their chance of getting hired should try and improve in the following areas.


Being a multitasker means that you can keep track of and work on multiple tasks simultaneously. When being hired, it is rare that they only want you to do one thing. Companies are always looking for those that can fill multiple roles. They are also looking for those that can switch roles without having to be instructed every time. Improve your ability to function on many tasks at once. Employers always want those that can work well in a busy environment.

Team Player

Just like in school, those that play well with others are easier to deal with. Unless you are a one-person office, you will have to work with others at some point. Not only being able to work with others, but being a team player. Part of this is being flexible and able to work with a range of personalities. Another is when collaborating, being able to find the balance of listening and speaking up. When in an interview highlighting your ability to be a team player will give you an advantage over other candidates.


Independence is a trait that we all need to develop for our personal and professional lives. Being able to work without direct supervision all the time is always a benefit to employers. They have their jobs to be focusing on. Working independently is just as important as being an independent thinker. An independent thinker is a person that is not afraid to speak up when they think something is not happening correctly. An employer will not always agree, but they cannot see all that is happening at all times. Always present your thought respectfully. Companies will embrace those that are looking out for it and willing to stand up for it.

Cultural Fit

All employers want the last three traits. Becoming a cultural fit depends on the company you want to join. Before applying to specific jobs, you will want to do your research. Look up their motto or mission statement, or even better, talk to those that already work there. What is the environment they are trying to achieve? Try and reflect their core values in your cover letter. Those who want a fun, collaborative environment will not hire a person that works best alone. By doing this research, you can determine if you will be a good fit. Knowing what they want to in prospective employees will give you a chance to prepare your answer to reflect it.

Show your best traits and skills that make you the best person for the job.

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