We all love spring! The sun seems brighter, and everything is warming up, and we can spend more of our day outside. All the plants are coming back to life and making everything beautiful and green. The only downside is that with the spring showers and extra sun, we get some plants that we would rather not have growing in our yards. Weeds come alive in the spring just like all the other plants we love and enjoy. If you live in an area with an HOA, you have no choice you have to get them out before you get that notice in the mail. Now you have the option to pay someone to do the work or to save and do it yourself. 

Do It Early

Get out earlier in the summer. If your living in an area that gets above 100 degrees in the summer this is a necessity. Once you notice many weeds have jumped up, start pulling. If you wait until the middle of summer, there will be so many that it will seem too big of a job, and you will want to hire someone instead. If you get them early, it won’t look as bad, and you will get the job done faster. If you wait till the summer heat hits pick a day and wake up extra early before the sun is up too far. You will be able to get it done before the sun starts to bake you.

Get A Stool

After the first half-hour of pulling weeds, your legs or back will be killing you! There are only two real ways to pull weeds, bending over or squatting down. Doing either of those for a long time will make you feel like you spent the day in a gym. Try out a rolling gardening stool; it will make your weed pulling much more enjoyable.

Include the Kids

If you have kids, include them in the fun. Children love spending time with adults, and they want to do anything we are doing. They even have cute gardening stools for kids, which can double as an entertaining toy. Making it a game or a competition can make it go faster. At the least, it may help cut down on the complaining.

Good Gloves

Weeds love to grow thorns, and the worst feeling is grabbing a weed and having a thorn come through the glove and stab into your finger. There is nothing more irritating. This would make me want to throw down my gloves and hire someone to finish the job. I love these gardening gloves. They are not only thick but are long, so they cover your forearms. This comes in handy for those larger weed bushes, with these your arms won’t get scratched.

Takes these tips and get out there and start saving money.  You will love the feeling of accomplishing this task and making your yard beautiful.

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