Is it time for a change? It can get very old looking at the same four walls over and over again. Everyone loves to change up their look, and that extends to the home decorations. The only issue is that it can be costly to accomplish. This is where we can get creative and repurpose or create things ourselves. With school starting up soon, it is the perfect time to make sure your office or study room is ready to go. Check out some of these great ideas to help get your DIY to remodel started.


Do you have any jars lying around? They can be used for so many different purposes. Start collecting them if not, or try the dollar store. They make great utensils holders on their own. Any unique way to display them would be to hot glue them together on their sides like you are building a pyramid. Together like that, they will be more child friendly. It will be less likely to be knocked over, and it is easier for little hands to get their crayons. Smaller jars with lids could be glued under shelves as another fun way to keep office supplies organized. Glue the top of the lid to the bottom of a shelf. Fill the jar with paper clips and then screw it into the cap. No way of spilling them this way.

Old Frames

Take some old frames and breath some life into them. Paint them to match or leave them as is. Remove the glass and picture. Now you are ready to get creative. What every office needs  is a place to hang important papers. It is expected that when a document gets put in a drawer, it is never seen again. Get some chicken wire and tiny close pins, and you are ready for a unique message board. Staple in the chicken wire to the back of the frame and hang it up. Use the tiny clothespins to hang your essential papers on the wire.

Kitchen Wire Racks

When trying to get work done, having a cluttered desk is the last thing that you want. Not only does it leave limited space, but it is also a huge distraction. How can the kids focus on math with other things to look at? Kitchen wire racks can be picked up anywhere. You may even have some laying around. They are the perfect size for extra notebooks and papers, anything that could be kept off the desk. Hang them on walls within reach, so those materials are easily accessible.


Every DIY newbie or expert knows the power of paint. But, you may not need to get anything other than paint to give your office the perfect makeover. The wall, desk, the bookshelf will always look better with a fresh coat. And a new color will make you smile every time you enter the room. Especially knowing that your time and hard work is what created such a remarkable space.

Create your perfect office space without spending too much!

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