Being a responsible adult means learning how to take care of yourself, your home and your possessions. When money is tight, rest assured these DIY projects can help you hold on to your money a little longer.

Changing the Oil

Basic Vehicle Maintenance

Maintaining a vehicle yourself can seem very intimidating. Cars are complex machines that we tend to shy away from tinkering with. Andrew Zoellner, a write for states, “You can perform routine maintenance on your automobile to cut the costs of repair and upkeep. All that is required is some basic knowledge, some common hand tools and a little elbow grease. It is not that difficult to change your oil, change an air filter, replace wiper blades or swap out a burnt turning-signal bulb. Folks who are just not mechanically inclined can take advantage of free services offered by auto parts dealers. Many retailers will install wiper blades, batteries and even air filters for free if you purchase the items directly from their store.” With a small amount of effort, you can ensure your vehicle will be running as efficiently as possible.


DIY Laundry Detergent

Making your own laundry detergent is a really simple way to save money each month. A quick google search will yield a thousand variations of this DIY project. Homemade detergent typically has a handful of ingredients and costs pennies on the dollar compared to the products you’re likely buying from the store. If you’re looking for a recipe to help you start this DIY project, you can find a great one here.

This recipe costs less than $15 to create and yields anywhere from 32-64 loads. If you decide you want to take this DIY laundry project to the next level, set up a clothesline somewhere in your house or yard. Air drying your clothes is another great option for saving money because it’s free.

Homemade Laundry Soap

Change your Furnace Filter

Switching out your furnace filter on a regular basis is a great way to help you save money. Andrew Zoellner, a writer for states, “Keeping your furnace (gas or electric) tuned up has two big benefits: It makes the furnace run efficiently and it prolongs the furnace’s life span. Change the filter every month of the heating season (or year-round if the filter is also used for A/C). Be sure you insert the new one so it faces the right way. The filter protects the blower and its motor; a clogged filter makes the motor work harder and use more power.” Ask someone in your life to show you how to do this or take to the internet and watch YouTube videos that will help you learn. Taking care of your furnace, and by extension, your home is vitally important.


Taking time to learn new skills is a huge part of adulthood. Dive into savings with these simple DIY projects. Over time you will see that your budget stretches a little farther each month.

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