New doesn’t necessarily mean better, especially for your finances. There are some household items where used will do just as well as used, leaving you with more savings along the way, which is why we’ve compiled of list of items that can be bought second-hand.


From textbooks to personal reading, used books provide just the same amount of knowledge for a fraction of the cost. Amazon even sells some books for as low as a penny plus shipping, and thrift stores are a sure place to look for some new titles. Be sure to check your local library to see if they have any book sales to score cheap books. Megan Elliott offers more discussion on buying used books over new in this CheatSheet article.


For those who are looking for some light leisure or even a nature-fueled way to exercise through cycling, consider buying a used bicycle. While a shiny new bike looks appealing, it’s also sure to make a dent in your budget. If you’re an occasional biker, there isn’t the same need as, say, a mountain biker to purchase a brand new bike that’s all decked out. This article by Mandi Woodruff on Business Insider even offers some tips on what to keep in mind when purchasing a used bike.

Children’s Clothing

When it comes to children, it might be a smarter option to shop used due to their fast growth and the prevalence of playground activities that result in the wear and tear of their clothing. Even if you’re not shopping for children’s clothing, buying used can put nice styles, even designer names, in your closet for a steal of a deal. Theo Thimou breaks it down in this article to explain what items you’re more likely to find in thrift stores for men and women.


From the savings to the chance to customize your furniture, buying used furniture has plenty of benefits. This Yellow Pages article lists additional benefits including an unbeatable quality and a truly vintage style. Elizabeth Ballou from Bustle even has a “how-to” guide to use when buying furniture with tips such as looking beyond Craigslist and checking for structural flaws.

Sports Equipment

Exercising is an area where you can save money because it requires being honest with yourself. Many people start the new year with hopes and resolutions to get fit and splurge on gym memberships and home-exercise equipment. We suggest opting for home-exercise equipment and even then, purchasing lightly used equipment. You can often find deals on barely used treadmills, ellipticals, and stationary bikes! Before you can fully commit to the practice of exercising, there’s no need to splurge, otherwise you may end up with shiny, new equipment that gathers dust.


For homeowners, it’s handy to have tools at the ready whenever it’s time to fix up the home. However, these mishaps and home projects don’t happen every day, so why spend a chunk of your budget on tools you might end up using only once or twice a year? Buying used tools can give you more bang for your buck, so to speak, and Scott from Saws on Skates describes his process when buying used tools.

In many of the cases, buying used not only saves money, but can help you lead a more sustainable life and sustaining Earth is a priceless task. If you’re looking for more reasons to buy used, Holly Johnson from The Simple Dollar offers four more reasons, such as less heartbreak when something inevitably happens to your purchase (wear and tear or simple destruction). So, next time before you’re thinking of dipping deeper into savings for a brand new purchase, consider if perhaps it’s worth it to buy used items instead.

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