Are full-time jobs all they’re cracked up to be? We’re not convinced. Take a look at some of the benefits of working part-time.

Earn More Money

You’d be surprised how much more money you net by working part-time. When your employer doesn’t have to worry about paying for benefits and other full-time expenses, your wage will likely reflect that. Additionally, working multiple part-time jobs might allow you to make more money than a traditional 9-5 gig. For example, working 30 hours at one job and 20 hours at another will give your income an extra boost because you’ll be working 50 hours a week instead of 40. It’s something to think about!

New Opportunities

If you see a part-time position listed at your dream company, apply for it! Part-time jobs can open a lot of doors and make room for new opportunities. An article written for explains, “When there are no full-time positions available within a given company, workers may accept part-time employment to position themselves as the obvious candidate when a coveted full-time slot becomes available. A part-time job can also help individuals gain experience and training in fields unfamiliar to them. After all, an employer who may be reluctant to hire an inexperienced person on a full-time basis, may be inclined to hire an eager candidate on a part-time basis if they express an enthusiastic desire to learn the trade.”

More Free Time

One of the most appealing aspects of part-time work is that you have quite a bit of time to pursue other interests. You could find hobbies that you’d like to spend your time on, take classes at a local college or pursue internships. You could also decide to stay home and enjoy your family as well. The point is- you have a lot of time outside of work to live your life.

Part- time work is especially beneficial for those who are working on long-term projects. Writers, volunteers, artists, etc. benefit greatly from working part-time. It gives them the opportunity to avoid burn out by breaking up their projects with other things. They can give their minds a rest and come back to their projects with a new mindset and fresh eyes.


If you can’t picture yourself working at the same job for 40+ hours each week, part-time work might be appealing to you. Instead of doing the same thing day in and day out, consider finding two or more part- time jobs to give yourself variety. For example, maybe you love music and have a part-time job at a radio station. However, you also love clothing and retail so you also work for a local boutique. You can enjoy working with multiple interests and avoid burning out with either one too quickly.

While there’s nothing wrong with working full-time, part-time jobs definitely have their benefits. Weigh your options before deciding which employment path works best for you.

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