It seems everywhere we turn there is a contest or sweepstakes going on enticing us to win a free cruise or bunches of cash.  From browsing our social media accounts to shopping at the grocery store, there are so many opportunities to take home the big prize.  Here’s how to think like a winner and start celebrating your wins!

Be Determined

This is probably the most important – keep on trying and be persistent.  If you can enter multiple times a day or every day, go for it!  You really have to want it and attack as often as possible.  You want to increase your odds of winning with every entry.

Think Positively

No one ever won anything in the history of winning by saying “I’ll never win.”  You need to get in the mindset of a winner – knowing you can do it.  Fake it until you make it, believe in yourself.  It’s the classic saying from Peter Pan, “faith, trust, and pixie dust.”  You need to believe in a little bit of magic and of course, fairies, before you can fly off to Neverland.

Power in Numbers

It always helps to have a buddy or partner in crime when entering contests.  Having someone to keep you motivated so you can keep fighting and entering will make it a lot more fun.  Check in with your buddy to make sure you are doing everything you can to win.  Scheme together about what you’ll do with your winnings and manifest the prize!

The Fine Print

Read the rules of the contest.  It sounds easy enough, but you never know what nugget of information you might find in there.  There could be multiple ways to get entries or different ways to go about winning.  Some online contests will give you entries for using multiple social media platforms – so make sure you’re all signed up and pushing everywhere you can.

Thinking Outside the Box

Some contests give you the option to enter with a more creative aspect – a video or post that will set yourself apart.  Make sure you show your enthusiasm!  Most people entering contests or sweepstakes will take the easiest route to enter with the least amount of effort.  Check out the competition and see what you are up against.  Think creatively, maybe with your contest buddy, and do something out of the ordinary – you two could be toasting to your win faster than you know!

There is certainly an element of luck in winning contests, but it’s true you can manifest your own destiny and believe in the power of dreams.  Make sure you are always keeping your efforts lighthearted, don’t take it too seriously, and you just might surprise yourself with some extra fun in life.

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