Food waste is a big problem in our world.  It’s a delicate balance between eating healthy and having options, and potentially wasting food that goes bad.  There is more grocery waste going on in people’s kitchens than they know and can lead to wasting money and time in the process.  Save some money by being a little more deliberate and thoughtful when shopping with a couple of these ideas.

Plan Your Meals for The Week

Plan out the whole week – what you want to make for dinner every night, what the kids need for school lunches and make a list.  From that plan, take inventory of what you already have on hand and what you need from the store. When you get to the market, shop only for what you need for the week.  Don’t shop for things that you might want to make or future ideas and plans.  Stick to the plan.  Avoid impulse buying while shopping your list, it’s just added cost and potential added waste.  Save money by sticking to your list.

Stock Up on Essentials

Items like dry pastas and rice are great things to keep on hand that can be used in a variety of recipes.  If you are going to stock up on anything, make sure it’s something that won’t go bad.  You can never go wrong with having a few of these items on hand, it will never be a bad investment.

Family in pantry

A Note on Dates

Expiration dates on foods can be tricky.  There is a big difference between expired milk and expired pepper.  When it comes to perishables, follow the dates suggested on the products.  There really aren’t any regulations when it comes to these dates, the companies assign dates they feel are more than safe and go with it.  But when it comes to dry goods, the expiration dates become less important.  Spices, teas and other dried goods might not be as potent or flavorful, but they are still perfectly safe to eat.  Avoid extra food waste by not assuming the date is a hard and fast rule on these types of products.

Keep Yourself Organized

Take some time to organize your pantry and refrigerator.  If you can’t see everything, you’ll risk double buying something you already have sitting in your pantry.  You could end up wasting money on products you already have sitting in your kitchen, especially odd ones that you only use for a few recipes.  Spices can be expensive, so keep your spice rack updated and organized.  Having a clean orderly space will make it easier to shop and easier to cook all in one.

Eliminate unnecessary food and money waste by being more methodical about what goes into your kitchen and pantry.  You’ll end up saving more money each week which is great for you and great for our planet at the same time.

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